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FOX and 'Red Band Society' Raise $100,000 for Health Charities


Through an innovative social media campaign promoting its new series Red Band Society, FOX has raised more than $100,000 for five major health charities, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Teen Cancer America, and Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

As part of the "Banding Together for Good" campaign, any time a fan shared Red Band Society photos or videos on social media between August 15 and August 22, FOX donated $1 to one of the five charities. Donations totaled more than $100,000.

As a reward for fans, the pilot is now available to watch for free at and will be until 5:00 PM on August 26.

Red Band Society is a coming-of-age drama about the various teenaged patients at LA's Ocean Park Hospital. The show premieres on FOX on Wednesday, September 17.

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Fox Garners Multiple Environmental Media Award Nominations

This week, the Environmental Media Association announced the nominees for its 24th annual Environmental Media Awards, and multiple Fox productions appeared on the list.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey received a nomination in the Reality Television category for its episode on climate change. FOX's New Girl and 20th Century Fox Television's Modern Family will compete in the Television Comedy category, and Rio 2 received a nomination in the Feature Length Film category.

"It's exciting and inspiring to see the evolution of how media has expanded and that our creative voices are more powerful than ever," said EMA president Debbie Levin. "With so much content available, the ability to motivate globally through our medium is immediate and our most valuable tool."

The EMA Awards honor film and television that convey environmental messages in creative ways, and this year's ceremony will take place on October 18th at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.

Several Fox productions have won EMAs in the past, including The X-Files, Bones, Ice Age: The Meltdown, and The Simpsons.

For more information on the EMAs and for the full list of nominees, visit, and for a clip of Cosmos' climate change episode, click the video below.

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FOX's 'Cosmos' Wins Four Emmy Awards

Cosmos - SilvestriDruyanEmmys.jpg

At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday, August 16, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, FOX's reboot of Carl Sagan's classic documentary series, received a total of four trophies for excellence in television. It had originally received twelve nominations.

"I knew that I was working with extraordinary people, but the idea that the Academy thinks so too, it's just fantastic," series writer and co-creator Ann Druyan told Variety. "It's a huge affirmation."

Druyan (left with composer Alan Silvestri), along with her collaborator Steven Soter, collected the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming. Cosmos also received awards for Outstanding Music Composition, Outstanding Main Title Theme Music, and Outstanding Sound Editing.

The series, which features host Neil deGrasse Tyson guiding viewers through some of the most complex mysteries of science, has been warmly embraced by the scientific community for its efforts to bring science education to primetime television. "I'm not sure a stronger defense of science and the scientific method has ever appeared on network TV," wrote Joe Romm of Think Progress.

FOX and the National Geographic Channel recognized the educational potential of this series early on. The networks organized the largest international launch in television history across 181 countries and 44 languages in hopes of inspiring audiences everywhere about the value of science. The strategy resulted in Nat Geo's largest global audience in the history of the channel.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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'Rio 2' and Conservation International Raise Awareness for Wildlife Preservation

20th Century Fox and Rio 2 recently teamed up with Conservation International to produce a video highlighting the unique challenges facing the Spix's Macaw population and other native species in the Amazon rainforest. Watch the video above to find out more.

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Social Impact Feature: Fox Partners with GLAAD for Panel on LGBT Representations in Media


At a panel discussion on the Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles last week, Fox talent and executives came together with senior leadership from GLAAD for a candid conversation about the representations of the LGBT community in the media. The panel was organized by GLAAD and FOX Audience Strategy, a cross-divisional group promoting diverse voices throughout 21st Century Fox entertainment businesses.

Hernan Lopez, FOX International Channels President and a GLAAD Board Member, spoke briefly before introducing GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. Ellis spoke about the great strides in LGBT representation on television that FOX has made in recent years. In fact, in the Network Responsibility Index that GLAAD released last year, FOX out-performed all other broadcast networks, with 42% of its primetime programming being LGBT-inclusive.

Ellis also participated in the panel discussion that included Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollett from the upcoming FOX series Empire, executive producer Margaret Nagle and actor/GLAAD spokesman Wilson Cruz from the upcoming Red Band Society, Glee and American Horror Story producer Dante Di Lorento, and advocate and former NFL player Wade Davis from the You Can Play Project, one of GLAAD's partner organizations. The panel was moderated by FOX COO Joe Earley.

The talk was the latest installment of FOX Audience Strategy's "Images: The Power to Inform, Influence, and Inspire" speaker series, designed to explore and highlight cultural trends, current events, and the people who are shifting perceptions and spurring creative innovation. The mandate to discuss images' power to influence was not lost on the panel, the members of which spoke at length about the importance of empowering younger members of the LGBT community.

"Kids can now turn on their TV and be like, 'Wow, I can be that,'" Davis said. "You can never become what you don't see."

For more information on the event, visit FOX Audience Strategy's official website.

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Fox Partners with WWF to Protect the Amazon

20th Century Fox has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help raise awareness around the issues facing the Amazon rainforest. Fox and WWF have developed a PSA featuring the characters from Rio 2, the latest animated feature from Fox's Blue Sky Studios, which features a family of Spix's macaws trying to save the rainforest from deforestation.

In addition to developing the PSA, Fox is donating $100,000 to WWF to support the organization's Amazon conservation efforts, which they have conducted for more than 40 years. WWF's work helps preserve the wildlife population from illegal poaching and establishes networks of protected tropical forest to combat deforestation.

The PSA will also be featured on all Rio 2 DVDs and Blu-Rays, which arrive in stores on July 15.

Director Carlos Saldanha has spoken openly about the environmental message of the Rio franchise, telling Bird Channel in 2011: "In countries like Brazil, you hear about hundreds of birds being taken every day, about how law enforcement found the traffickers with birds. I find it very sad, and I want people to know this. Also, by growing awareness, we can really make sure we work to preserve the birds in the wild and stop cases of extinction."

To join WWF in protecting the rainforest, visit the campaign's official website, or you can text MACAW to 20222 to donate $10.

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Social Impact Feature: 21st Century Fox Sponsors 2014 Special Olympics USA Games


21st Century Fox served as the Founding Partner of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games, which came to a close on Friday, June 20. Nearly 3,500 athletes competed in 16 Olympic-style games, which were hosted at several venues throughout New Jersey. In addition, more than 1,000 coaches, 10,000 volunteers and an estimated 70,000 spectators attended the events to lend their support.

21st Century Fox announced its partnership with the 2014 Games last November, promising broad exposure for the Special Olympics across its U.S. channels, including FOX Broadcasting, FOX Sports, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, FX, National Geographic Channel, and 28 local stations, as well as FOX Sports 1, which is currently airing a one-hour recap special on the Games and streaming it on FOX Sports Go.

21st Century Fox talent and employees seized the opportunity to support the cause. Glee star Jane Lynch performed at the Opening Ceremony on June 15, where FOX News anchor Andrea Tantaros co-hosted the Parade of Athletes in honor of her younger brother Daniel, who had been a Special Olympics athlete himself. Tantaros covered the Special Olympics in a special segment on her program. In addition, FOX Sports 1's Molly McGrath and Mike Hill emceed the Closing Ceremony on June 20.

SO_Cleatus_cropped.jpgThe 2014 USA Games were staged throughout Mercer County, NJ, including competitions at Princeton University, Rider University, the College of New Jersey, and Mercer County Park, where several of the Games' sponsors, including 21st Century Fox, were present. Representatives from 21st Century Fox, FOX Sports, FOX Broadcasting, and FOX TV Stations were on hand to interact with the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and spectators, encouraging all of them to have their photos taken with Cleatus the FOX Sports Robot and props from FOX shows, spin a prize wheel, or participate in a football toss.

"The commitment by 21st Century Fox is unparalleled for any Special Olympics USA Games and speaks volumes about the company's willingness to use all of its assets to showcase the abilities of our athletes," said T.J. Nelligan, Chairman and CEO of the 2014 Games.

For more information on how to watch the FOX Sports 1 special, visit See the video below for a message from 21st Century Fox.

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National Geographic Channel Launches 'Expedition Granted'


In an effort to push the boundaries of what defines exploration, the National Geographic Channel this week announced Expedition Granted, a nationwide competition in the U.S. to find and fund the next generation of explorers. The contest will accept project proposals from a range of disciplines, and the winner will receive a $50,000 grant toward his/her dream expedition. With this new program, Nat Geo hopes to incentivize everyone around the world to embark on a new age of exploration.

Expedition Granted aims to show that explorers come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be passionate about any field, including art, music, food, science, technology, and more. "We want to help redefine the concept of exploration--anyone with a big idea and passion to make it come to life can be an explorer," said NGC CEO Courteney Monroe. "There is no limit to what we want to see."

The contest is open to anyone in the U.S. over the age of 21, and contestants have until August 31 to submit short videos outlining their projects. NGC will feature these projects on the Expedition Granted website, and fans can show their support for their favorites by liking and sharing on social media. After all the videos have been submitted, NGC will rely on its group of advisors to select up to 10 finalists. Brain Games host Jason Silva, musician and producer Thomas Dolby, author and science evangelist Ainissa G. Ramirez, and journalist Thayer Walker are just a few of the exciting talents that have come on board for this project. Click here for a full list of Expedition Granted advisors.

After the group of finalists is released, the public will have a chance to vote for the winning project. The winner will be announced this fall and, in addition to the $50,0000 prize, will be highlighted on-air on NGC. Through this contest, Nat Geo hopes to show that exploration is not just for mountain climbers and photographers; anyone can be an explorer.

For more information, watch the video below, follow the campaign on social media at #expeditiongranted, and visit for more information and rules for submission.

Expedition Granted was developed in partnership with the National Geographic Society, 21st Century Fox, and sponsors the Jeep brand and Dos Equis.

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'Cosmos' Takes on Climate Change

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the new series from FOX and the National Geographic Channel, has received acclaim for its efforts to bring science education to primetime television. The show has covered topics as wide ranging as black holes, supernovas, and how the earth was formed. In the latest episode, which was among the most-watched shows on Sunday, host Neil deGrasse Tyson turns his attention to the important issue of climate change.

Throughout the episode, Tyson explains all facets of climate change, from its underlying scientific principles like the greenhouse effect to some common misconceptions, such as the difference between weather and climate. "If we scientists are so good at making these dire long-term predictions about the climate, how come we're so lousy about predicting the weather?" he asks.

Weather, Tyson explains, can be defined as the short term fluctuations in atmospheric activity, whereas climate is a long-term average of weather patterns over a number of years. Tyson likens this difference to walking a dog on a leash. We can observe the dog's trajectory by watching where the dog walker goes over time, not the dog itself. Watch the clip above for more detail.


As to the cause of climate change, Tyson says, all signs point to human activity. The amount of heat from the sun that reaches Earth has not changed, and even the largest scientific estimate of CO2 emitted by volcanic eruptions every year is not even 2% of that which human activity generates every year. He concludes, "Our fingerprints are all over this one."

Yet, Tyson is careful to avoid the usual gloom and doom when talking about the future of the planet. Instead, he focuses on what we can do to combat climate change, like using renewable fuels. Solar power, for example, has been around since Augustin Mouchot unveiled his "sun machine" at the Paris World's Fair in 1878, and if we could harness just 1% of the wind's power, we could generate enough clean energy to power our entire civilization.

"It's not too late," Tyson says as the episode concludes. "We've had our backs to the wall before, and we've been able to push through to new heights... There are no scientific or technological obstacles to protecting the life that our world supports. It all depends on what we truly value, and if we can summon the will to act."

Series co-creator Ann Druyan, who live tweeted the episode, seconded Tyson. "Use your knowledge and talent to awaken and inspire people. Demand action from representatives. Support science," she wrote.

The episode can be viewed in full on Hulu and at

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Social Impact Feature: STAR India CEO Uday Shankar Speaks at the Paley Center

On Friday, STAR India CEO Uday Shankar spoke at the prestigious Paley Center for Media in New York. The event, part of the Paley Center Media Council breakfast series and sponsored by 21st Century Fox, gathered some of the top players in the media industry to hear Shankar discuss the role of social responsibility in media, women's empowerment, and of course, STAR's hit show Satyamev Jayate ("Truth Alone Prevails").

21st Century Fox Co-Chief Operating Officer James Murdoch, who ran STAR India from 2000-2003, gave the introductory remarks."For Uday, 'Inspiring a Billion Imaginations' isn't just a tagline; it's a promise," Murdoch said. "STAR India has become a shining example of a 21st century leader that combines a desire for profit with a drive for purpose."


Shankar spoke in conversation with Bobby Ghosh, the editor of TIME Magazine International. Their conversation was wide-ranging, and Shankar spoke at length about STAR's longtime commitment to developing and airing content that is both entertaining and socially progressive. STAR, for example, was the first television company in India to create shows that focused on strong, independent female characters, first through a series of popular soap operas known as "the K-serials." Even today, STAR's most watched drama follows the journey of a young woman who pursues her dream of becoming a police officer, despite opposition from the conservative family into which she was married.

The rights of women and girls has long been one of India's most pressing social concerns, and it is an issue that Shankar takes seriously. "The driver characters for change [on our shows] are women," Shankar said. "They are the biggest ambassadors and proselytizers of change in their own context."

Shankar also spoke more broadly about the social responsibility that he feels should be inherent to media content. "Each business contributes its own share to society, but there's a certain amount of premium that society places on media businesses," he said. "I've always felt--and my bosses have always encouraged me--to challenge the status quo... Our job is to question, to focus the spotlight on what we feel needs to be observed more closely."


One of the most notable ways Shankar has delivered on this promise is through the launch of Satyamev Jayate, or "Truth Alone Prevails," a show featuring Bollywood star Aamir Khan discussing some of the most important and sensitive issues facing India today, from female feticide and alcoholism to child sex abuse and political corruption. The first season launched in May 2012, and the second season just concluded its run in March.

"It is like nothing else on TV that I'm aware of anywhere else in the world," Ghosh said of the show. "It deals with issues that India has tended to sweep under the carpet. It's unrelenting and very, very tough. And yet, the success of the show has been astonishing."

Indeed, from its first episode, the show received enthusiastic feedback and record viewership numbers. SMJ became the first Indian series to reach 2nd place on Twitter's top 10 global trends, and STAR estimates that the first season alone was seen by approximately 500 million Indians. Beyond its success among audiences, the show has also directly affected Indian law, leading to several new or revised laws on the issues the show addressed, with politicians directly citing SMJ as an influence.

Shankar had grand aspirations for the show from the earliest days of the project. He said the question on his mind during his first meeting with Aamir Khan was, "Should we use the power of television to do something that will change this country?" He went on, "I want to point out the difference between media content with social responsibility and without social responsibility. If it's irresponsible, we should not do it... All media content should be corporate social responsibility. If it's not, then we feel we have failed."

To watch a full video of the event, click the player above or visit the Paley Center's website, and be sure to check out an extensive interview with Uday in The Hollywood Reporter.

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21st Century Fox Shuts Off the Lights for Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2014.jpg

On March 29, 21st Century Fox joined millions of people around the world in celebrating Earth Hour, the World Wildlife Fund's annual environmental awareness campaign.

Each year, WWF asks people to turn off their lights for one hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm local time, showing that people working together can make a big difference in the fight to protect the planet.

21st Century Fox participated by powering down its Times Square screen in New York City, and 21CF businesses developed their own awareness campaigns. Blue Sky Studios developed a "Turn Off the Lights!" ad featuring characters from the upcoming animated movie Rio 2, and many of the Fox Television Stations got the word out to their communities around the U.S. 

Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, and it has grown into a major international effort since then. This year's Earth Hour was the most successful ever, with hundreds of millions of people in more than 7,000 cities in 162 countries turning off their lights. 

Visit Earth Hour's official website for more information, and for photos from Earth Hour events around the world, check out this recap from the National Geographic Society. 

Rio 2 Earth Hour.png

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FOX and National Geographic Channel Launch 'Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey'


On Sunday, March 9, FOX and the National Geographic Channel will launch Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey, a reboot of Carl Sagan's landmark 1980 PBS series. The show takes viewers on a journey through the history of human scientific achievement, with host Neil deGrasse Tyson guiding the audience through even some of the most complex mysteries of science.

Last night, fans all across the United States were treated to an advance screening of Cosmos' first episode. Planetariums and museums in ten cities, from the American Museum of Natural History in New York to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, hosted screenings, and every one of them sold out.

The main event took place at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, where FOX Chief Operating Officer Joe Earley hosted a post-screening Q&A with the show's creative team, including Tyson, executive producer Seth MacFarlane, executive producer Mitchell Cannold, director Brannon Braga, co-executive producer Jason Clark, and writer/director Ann Druyan, who worked on the original Cosmos with Carl Sagan.

Tyson spoke about the misconception that science programming can't be interesting or entertaining. "I'm entertained by the universe every time I think about it," he said. "The concept that it's 'science vs. entertainment' and that you have to strike some balance... I never once was thinking we have to drop one to get the other. The merging of the two is a very natural marriage."

MacFarlane agreed. "Carl said about the original series, 'I want this to be interesting for people who have no preexisting interest in science and will just watch it for the spectacle.' That's what we wanted to preserve."

In an unprecedented global launch, Cosmos will premiere this Sunday across multiple 21st Century Fox channels, including FOX, National Geographic Channel, FX, FXX, FXM, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports 2, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo, and FOX life, along with a simulcast on 220 of the Fox International Channels in 181 countries and in 44 different languages.

FOX organized such a dramatic rollout in the hopes of inspiring audiences everywhere about the value of science. "What Cosmos celebrates is all the ways that the methods and tools of science affect your life and our culture and the world so that you can't side-step it, you can't think that it's irrelevant or doesn't matter to you," Tyson told the New York Post. "I hope by the end of the series you have achieved a cosmic perspective on who we are in the universe. That's transformative to an individual and to a culture."

Cosmos premieres this Sunday, March 9, at 9PM EST across ten 21st Century Fox channels in the U.S. You can follow the show on Twitter and like it on Facebook, and be sure to watch last night's Q&A at

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Fox and 'Rio 2' Urge Kids to Discover the Forest

Rio 2 Discover the Forest Campaign.jpg

20th Century Fox Film has announced its new partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the Ad Council to launch a new series of public service announcements featuring the characters from Blue Sky Studios' upcoming animated adventure, Rio 2. The PSAs encourage children and their families to "Discover the Forest," urging them to spend more time outdoors.

The campaign is an extension of the U.S. Forest Service and Ad Council's existing "Discover the Forest" campaign, which was founded in 2008 with the aim of instilling a lifelong love for nature in children. The campaign's website gives families ideas for outdoor activities and provides an interactive map that allows users to find nearby forests and parks. The Rio 2 PSAs encourage viewers to visit the site and to take advantage of the benefits that nature has to offer.

"These PSAs are a wonderful extension of our efforts to inspire children and families to experience the many wonders of the forest," said Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of the Ad Council. "I'm confident that both the media and the public will embrace these ads and help encourage families to spend time outdoors and reconnect with nature."

Watch the PSA below, and visit to plan your outdoor adventure today. You can also find the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

Rio 2 hits theaters in the US on April 11.

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FOX Austin Sponsors Recycling Program at UT


When FOX 7 Chief Meteorologist Scott Fisher and Good Day Austin anchor Dave Froehlich stepped on the field at the University of Texas-Austin's football stadium last fall, it wasn't to give a news report. Instead, they represented FOX 7 as a leading sponsor of UT's Longhorn Recycling Roundup.


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Fox Home Entertainment Partners with WWF for "Help Save Tigers" Campaign

Life of Pi was one of the most inspiring films released in 2012, and thanks to Fox's partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, the film is continuing to have a positive impact.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment partnered with WWF, the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species, to create the "Help Save Tigers" campaign around the release of Life of Pi on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD. The promotion included on-air and print public service announcements, social media outreach, and joint PR efforts.

Fox sent PSAs to more than 1600 TV and cable outlets, and the Twitter presence for the campaign garnered more than 863,000 followers. In addition to its initial $50,000 donation, Fox donated twenty-five cents from every Blu-ray, DVD, or download bought from the release on March 12 until June 30, 2013, ultimately totaling $100,000.

"Stories like Life of Pi are inspired by nature and its magnificent wild species," said Ang Lee, Academy Award winning Director of the film, in a press release. "While film has the power to make us believe in the unbelievable and beautifully capture a tiger's graceful presence, in reality, the tiger's world is far from magical. Their true story is one of fighting for survival...

"Partnering with WWF allows us to align around a shared passion - ensuring wild tigers have a permanent home so we can all continue to appreciate these animals, not only on the big screen, but in the wild where they will hopefully remain for generations to come."

Check out the PSA above and visit WWF's website to learn more. 

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Fox Partners with Walmart for Eco-Friendly Products

Epic Map.png

To promote the home release of Epic, Blue Sky Studios' animated feature about a teenager who finds herself fighting to save the forest, Fox Home Entertainment has partnered with Walmart for the "Epic Green Warriors" campaign, an effort to encourage kids and families to buy more sustainable products.

Walmart will place an "Epic Warrior" sticker on eco-friendly household and grocery products like compostable trash bags or Brita water filters. Kids and their parents will be able to follow a treasure map, available online and on mobile devices, to find these products in their local Walmart store.

The promo runs through October 1st and has already been introduced at 2,800 Walmart stores across the United States.

Epic is out now on Blu-ray, Digital HD and DVD.

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Every Drop Counts: STAR's Satyamev Jayate Explores India's Water Problem


In May 2012, STAR TV debuted what would become the most talked about program in Indian history: Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Prevails), hosted by Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. Each episode aims to raise awareness of some of the most important and sensitive social issues facing India today, and the resulting discussions have even led to new or revised laws.

Recently, Satyamev Jayate turned its attention toward India's worsening water problem. While India receives ample yearly rainfall, it struggles to preserve and protect what water it has. Some of the more remote villages have so little natural water that they rely on tankers to supply their water, and those tankers only arrive every two or three days. Indians in other towns have to walk as far as five kilometers to reach a water source.

Even in areas where the water supply is more readily available, it is suffering from pollution from industrial waste and sewage. Laws forbid sewage and waste from being dumped into the rivers, but factories and businesses are not abiding by those laws. Farmers use that polluted river water, and the heavy metals and chemicals enter the food chain, as a result.

"Our rivers are considered to be sacred and holy," host Aamir Khan said, explaining that the damage to the rivers is causing both environmental and cultural harm.

Khan makes it clear, however, that even though the problem is serious, there are still ways out. He concludes the episode with an interview with Shantha Sheela Nair, an IAS Officer, who pioneered a compulsory rainwater harvesting program in Chennai.

Nair believes that rainwater harvesting is one of the most significant ways that Indians can begin to take control of the water problem, and many Indians are already following in Nair's footsteps.

For more information on Satyamev Jayate and its impact on Indian life, visit the official website.

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Fox Turkey Celebrates World Environment Day with National Geographic

natgeoturkey.JPGFox Turkey celebrated World Environment Day by partnering with National Geographic Turkey to promote the global celebration. World Environment

Day, held on June 5th each year, is a day for honoring and encouraging positive environmental action, led by the United Nations.

National Geographic Turkey spread the word on World Environment Day by working with celebrities and public leaders who volunteered to support the project and act as the faces of the campaign. Fox Turkey supported these efforts by showcasing the campaign on air and via social media outlets. Fox Turkey anchors, including Nazlı Tolga, Deniz Akkaya, Levent Yüksel, Nefise Karatay, Elif Dağdeviren, Oben Budak, Bedük, Gülşen provided additional on-air promotion for the holiday.

National Geographic's print campaign brought the supporting public figures, including Fox Turkey anchors, to the Belgrad Forests in Istanbul for a striking photo-shoot with an emphasis on the beauty of our natural environment.

Together, National Geographic Turkey and Fox Turkey were able to increase awareness and public participation for World Environment Day, showcasing the importance of environmental sustainability and inspiring action amongst readers and viewers.

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Energy Playground Powers TEEN CHOICE 2012

Teens got a worthwhile workout at the TEEN CHOICE Energy Playground yesterday, where bikes, hamster wheels, seesaws and swings cranked out energy to power TEEN CHOICE 2012. This year's TEEN CHOICE AWARDS will once again be showcasing FOX's Green It. Mean It. campaign and encouraging its young audience to think about how they can help the environment. This will be the second annual TEEN CHOICE AWARDS with an Energy Playground to power the event.

Included in the energy playground were 16 bikes, hooked up to Global Inheritance's "Tour de Energy" bike station. The station produced kinetic energy that was then converted to electricity and pumped back into the grid - producing enough electricity to make it a completely carbon neutral event! Riders who produced the most energy were awarded with TEEN CHOICE swag bags and all participants were eligible to win a variety of TEEN CHOICE prizes.

Kevin McHale, who plays "Artie" on FOX's hit TV show GLEE, made an appearance at the Energy Playground for interviews and to support energy making participants.

TEEN CHOICE 2012 will air on Sunday, July 22nd on FOX.

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Keep America Beautiful Promotes Earth Day with Ice Age

Keep America Beautiful, a volunteer-based community action and education organization, teamed up with some of our favorite prehistoric personalities from Ice Age to campaign for "Environmental Acts of N'Iceness" for Earth Day, celebated on April 22.

Ice Age: Continental Drift was released on July 13th and quickly became an international blockbuster hit, earning $620 million globally and trailing only Toy Story 3 and its predecessor, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs as top grossing animated movies. The highly recognizable characters, including Scrat, Manny, Diego and Sid, were the perfect faces for Keep America Beautiful's Earth Day campaign, promoting environmental acts of "N'iceness" such as recycling and reducing energy use. The partnership produced short videos for that featured the characters that audiences have come to love, suggesting simple and effective ways for reducing our environmental impact.

Keep America Beautiful and the characters of Ice Age remind us all that although Earth Day only comes once a year, our responsibility to care for the Earth is something to consider every day. And really, who can resist a request from these guys...

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At FOX's Annual Fall Eco-Casino, Charities Win Big

ZooeyLeaChrisC.jpgSeveral of FOX's biggest stars rolled the dice to raise money for charity at last night's annual FOX Fall Eco-Casino Party, presented by Ford. Proceeds were donated to non-profit organizations including The Nature Conservancy, Heal the Bay and Habitat for Humanity.Thumbnail image for HughLEcoCasino11.jpg

Fans' favorite stars from Glee, House, Bones, Fringe and The Cleveland Show were in attendance and mingled with the freshman casts of many of FOX's new series, including The X-Factor, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, The New Girl, Mobbed, Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite.

jaymamays_EcoCasino11.jpgAccording to, "efforts to neutralize the event's carbon footprint included the use of diesel-powered trucks, LED lighting, silverware and glass plates and cups instead of disposables, recycled casino chips, reusable signage printed on recycled material, electronic invitations and guest list, rented furniture, fixtures, decor and carpet, hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles for talent transport, waste recycling and a menu featuring organic dairy, meat and poultry and locally grown organic produce."

FOX's fall season starts on Tuesday, September 20 with the all-new season premiere of Glee at 8/7c, followed by the series premiere of Zooey Deschanel's comedyNew Girl at 9/8c.

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FOX Greens the Emmys

emmy.jpgWhat was the hottest color at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards? Glee's Lea Michelle and Vampire Diary's Nina Dobrev may have both opted for ruby gowns, but the color green dominated the mindset of producers and attendees at the annual event, viewed by 12.4 million Americans this year. By implementing a variety of eco-friendly tactics, including the use of LED lights, 250 locally-made solar panels, hybrid cars for the transportation of talent, and a recycled red carpet, FOX's star-studded show aimed its spotlight on the issue of sustainability and left behind a minimal carbon-footprint.

Sustainability is a topic that has been gaining traction in the entertainment industry and FOX hoped that bringing the issue to viewers in the form of a widely watched award show would be an effective way to draw additional attention to the movement. In an interview with the Huffington Post, the red carpet's designer Brian Worley commented on his hope to show audiences that "you can throw really elegant events like the Emmys and still be green."

Other steps taken to minimize the evening's carbon footprint were the locally-sourced menu - which was composted at completion, rented and reusable live plants as decorations, and the sorting and recycling of all plastic bottles and garbage at the end of the night. The recycled red carpet and solar panels used for the event were donated to the Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity. solarpanels.jpg

FOX's production of a greener Emmys for 2011 is a part of the Global Energy Initiative, which is committed to minimizing the company's environmental impact, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action.

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Twentieth Century Fox Television Hosts Earth Day Fair

Lotwide_draft_01.bmpEarth Day Fair on the Fox Lot: Friday, April 15, from 11:00am until 2:00pm.  Over 30 vendors provided environmental information as well as services and products.  Exhibits from vendors showing their cool products and services to FOX employees and productions included:

Ecos, Green Sheep Shop, June Fifteen, FRS Health Energy, DWP, LA Public Works, Progressive View, Sprint, Athens, eWaste Center, Aliso Electric, Auto Land, Metro Commute Services, Simply Hybrid, Studio Store, Westside Acupuncture, FBC Publicity & Marketing, Rideshare Dept., EcoUsable, Inc., Spud, Rebagz, Modaa, Inc., Eaton Corporation, Tisano, Street Ride, Trikke, Revival Vintage Designs, Eko Miko Products, and Office Depot.

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National Geographic Celebrated Earth Day 2011 Through Environmental Programming

National Geographic Channels International celebrated Earth Day through programming such as:

  • "The 12,000-Bottle Boat":  Premiered on Thursday, April 21, at 8:00pm.  Eco-adventurer and environmentalist David de Rotschild spreads his message of environmental responsibility by commissioning a six-person catamaran made from 12,000 recycled plastic drinking bottles with the goal of sailing the vessel (the Plastiki) on an 8,000 mile journey.
  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for NatGeoImage.bmp"Desert Seas":  Premiered Thursday, April 21, at 9:00pm.  Nat Geo WILD compares the vibrant marine life of the Red Sea and the sand-dusted reefs of the Gulf.  The program features what is believed to be a never before filmed event - the release of millions of eggs and larvae from Gulf corals.
  • "Secrets of the Mediterranean: Cousteau's Lost World":  Cousteau's son and marine ecologist Enric Sala dive to the site of Cousteau's expedition to see if Cousteau's predictions were true that overfishing and pollution would destroy the ocean.

National Geographic International also promoted their Big Cats Initiative with Asian markets.  Events featured an exhibit for the initiative.

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Fox Turkey Celebrates Earth Day 2011

Thumbnail image for FOXTURKEYezgi.jpgBeginning on April 22 Fox Turkey presented trees to employees for their birthdays. During Earth Week Fox Turkey raised awareness through announcing Earth Day on news programming and news anchors showed their support by wearing green
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FOX Networks Group and FOX Broadcasting Celebrate Earth Day 2011

greenitmeanit_logo_1.jpgAs part of Fox Broadcasting Company's annual "Green It. Mean It." campaign, an initiative designed to raise both viewer and employee awareness of environmental concerns, talent from FOX series will appear in network and affiliate on-air promos, as well as online at, to offer viewers "Green Tips" on how to help and get involved with environmental issues.

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Fox Television Stations Celebrate Earth Day

Local stations around the U.S. are planning news coverage of local Earth Day and Earth Month activities.  Other local events include:
  • CHICAGO:  The Chicago station is hosting an internal station clean-up day and is featuring a series of live hits from local, energy responsible companies.
  • NEW YORK: The New York station will be covering Earth Day issues during public affairs shows during Earth Week.
  • LOS ANGELES:  The L.A. station is hosting an internal clutter clean-up day.  Employees will be recycling unneeded paper, cans, plastic bottles, and other items. 


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Avatar's Home Tree Initiative Reaches Goal of 1 Million Trees Planted

Pandora-Home-tree.jpgThe Home Tree Initiative, a partnership between the Earth Day Network and Avatar, has reached its goal of planting 1 million trees, it announced Wednesday. In total 1,006,639 trees have been planted by 31,000 individuals in more than 15 countries.

The first was planted by James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver last April in Brazil. Find out more about the Home Tree Initiative or "adopt" your own tree here.

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Great Migrations: Global Television Event on National Geographic Channel

greatmigrations.jpgMillions of animals. Thousands of miles. Hundreds of stories. National Geographic Channel presents a global television event, three years in the making- an intimate and unprecedented view of animal migrations, from across the globe and close to home. Calling upon the full breadth of National Geographic's extensive resources, Great Migrations is a high-definition chronicle of inspiring, often harrowing journeys, unforgiving odds and what it means to move as though your life depends on it.

Great Migrations starts Sunday, November 7 8P et/pt on National Geographic Channel.

Preview the Show

If you're looking for more ways to help better the planet, National Geographic's Global Action Atlas enables you to support efforts across the globe to reduce human suffering, protect natural landscapes, and more. Explore different projects worldwide and take action in ones that interest you. From volunteering to simply spreading the word, you can help change the world.

Audience engagement, Awards/Successes , Fox Filmed Entertainment, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), Green events, US, Worldwide "Fox Snares 2 Top Awards and 12 Other Honors at 'Green Oscars'"

Original post on

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Fox Filmed Entertainment was a big winner in the recent Environmental Media Association's annual awards ceremony with top honors going to the film "Avatar" and an episode of the TV show "Bones" and Green Seal recognition of 12 other Fox productions.

The Environmental Media Association rolled out the green carpet last Saturday for its 20th annual award ceremony that recognizes film and TV personalities, productions, musicals and musical tours for their creativity and influence in presenting environmental messages to audiences.

The association says it will soon post its winners' list in seven major contest categories and other honors. In the meantime, Fox detailed its accolades in an announcement this week.

The 2009 movie "Avatar," the box office record-setter and winner of three Academy Awards, was named Best Feature Film, and "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" episode of the detective show "Bones" won as Best Television Episodic Drama.

The two categories are among seven that honor outstanding efforts to convey an environmental message in content.

Fox said a dozen other of its productions received EMA Green Seal awards for environmentally responsible filmmaking.


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Avatar's Home Tree Initiative Continues, With Help from Canadian Students

Pandora-Home-tree.jpgAs part of Avatar's Home Tree Initiative -- to plant one million trees across the world in 2010 -- the planting of 150,000 trees near Sandilands, Manitoba, and 1,200 trees at the Jesse Saulteaux Resource Centre began today. Students from a nearby school joined up with experts from The Manitoba Forestry Association and Tree Canada for a day of tree-planting, as part of an effort to restore 800 hectares (1,976 acres) of pine forest of southeastern Manitoba on land that was devastated by hurricane-force winds in 2005.

"These trees will provide all sorts of benefits. Not only for shelter, but the trees will provide benefits for carbon sequestration, providing oxygen, wildlife habitat, as well as a wildlife corridor. It will add more diversity to the forest. It's just a win-win situation," said Ken Fosty, Extension Officer for MFA, and Manitoba community advisor to Tree Canada.

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FOX Holds 6th Annual Fall Eco-Casino

RAY_9823.jpgFOX held its 6th annual Eco-Casino to celebrate the launch of the fall season. Like nearly all FOX events, the venue featured LED lighting powered by biodiesel generators, biodegradable signage, and trash composting, and talent arrived in hybrids, ate organic, locally-grown foods and gambled with recycled-material casino chips.

The event was sponsored by Lincoln, which brought along its new 2011 hybrid MKZ car for partygoers to check out -- and which provided $25K to benefit three worthy organizations: The Nature Conservancy, Global Green and Habitat For Humanity.

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Teen Choice Awards: "Quite Possibly, the Most Green Awards Show This Year"

SandraBullockBettyWhiteTCA10.jpgAs part of FOX's Green It. Mean It. campaign, the 2010 "Teen Choice Awards" incorporated a host of eco-friendly elements -- making it, according to an article on Mother Nature Network, "quite possibly the most green awards show this year." TCA went all-out in its efforts to reduce its impact on the environment, including a blue carpet made from recycled soda bottles, a living wall of plants, solar panels that were donated to Los Angeles schools, and POWERleap floor pads under the carpet that generated electricity when stepped on.

Thumbnail image for continues: "Energy-saving LED and fluorescent lighting and biodiesel fuel lit and powered the press tent area, where local and organic food was served in biodegradable packaging. All waste was sorted for recycling. And in conjunction with the Global Inheritance Tour Rider Program, attendees who took public transportation to the show received a prize from 'Glee', 'The Simpsons', 'The Good Guys' or 'Lie to Me' with proof of a bus or train ticket." Read full article here.

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Detroit's Celebration of Earth Day

FOX2, WJBK celebrated the 40th anniversary of Earth Day by expanding existing projects and creating new ones!

  • For the past few years the station has hosted a shredding event with the Better Business Bureau. This year viewers were allowed to bring up to three boxes of documents to be shredded for free. Viewers could bring computers, monitors or CRT televisions to be recycled for a small fee. Nearly 600 cars came to the Shred-It Day event. The station also hosted free shredding and electronics recycling for the staff.
  • FOX2 partnered with Oakland County Law Enforcement for Operation Medicine Cabinet. In the past people flushed their unused or unwanted prescriptions to keep the drugs away from kids and pets. But now, scientists are finding prescription medication in the nation's water supply. So FOX2 launched a new prescription drug drop off program, giving people a safer option with a kickoff event on Earth Day, announcing the locations where people can safely dispose of their medications. The initiative runs year-round.
  • FOX2 receives a lot of calls asking what people can do with items they no longer need so the station partnered with area nonprofits and produced a series of spots that drive people to the station website to learn where their 'trash' can become treasure for someone else!
  • FOX2 continues urban gardening efforts, promoting the work of the Urban Garden Nonprofit and also growing its own garden right behind the station. All vegetables grown will be donated to charity.

Green Street Festival - April 30 through May 2nd 2010!
WJBK, FOX2 was the media sponsor for the Green Street Festival that takes place every May. The event was founded to help educate and inform people about the benefits of green, organic and eco-friendly products and services. The three day event draws more than 90,000 attendees!

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Minneapolis - Partnering To Go "Green"

TC Bear My29 Shoot.jpgWFTC My 29 and the Minnesota Twins are partnering to Go Green! Target Field, the new home of the Minnesota Twins, is the "greenest" ballpark in MLB. My 29 will run a PSA featuring Minnesota Twins mascot TC Bear and Twins players encouraging others to go green by offering tips such as car pooling, using high efficiency bulbs, and recycling.

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Boston's "EarthFest" in May

WFXT, FOX25 was the Media partner for Radio 92.9's "EarthFest" in May. FOX25 was supported with station-produced "Green Tips" promotional spots fronted by FOX25 Meteorologists. The messages ranged from online bill pay, to reduce your oven time to water conservation tips. A promo was also produced to support EarthFest, a free family fun day of live bands, kids activities and "green education". The event was held at the Hatch Shell on the Boston Esplanade along the Charles River on 5/22/10. FOX25 also provided "Green Tips" fronted by FOX stars to run on the Jumbotron during concert down time!

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AUSTIN - One Green Step Campaign spring 2010

FOX 7 and the City of Austin Partner on One Green Step Campaign, Spring 2010 - FOX 7 was able to generate revenue by positioning the station's FOXe brand to partner with the City of Austin on their inaugural "One Green Step" campaign. The partnership consisted of a paid commercial spot schedule to promote the May 1 main event, along with a week of 1:00 vignettes airing on Good Day Austin to focus on ways people in Austin can take "one green step" to contribute to saving our precious resources. This campaign was also featured on's FOXe page.

More than 250 people attended the event at the Pan Am Recreation Center in East Austin. One Green Step included music, informational booths from several City departments, free sustainable giveaways, a presentation by citizen astronaut and environmentalist Richard Garriott and an opportunity for attendees to commit to ONE GREEN STEP on an interactive mural made from recycled materials.

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Glee's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with Oil Spill Images

Original post on the Environmental Defense Fund's website:

Somewhere Over the Gulf Coast: A "Glee" and BP Oil Disaster Mashup
By David Yarnold

From a comfortable distance - in our classrooms, around our water coolers, through pictures on TV or newspapers - the BP oil disaster is depressing and horrific.

But up close where every breath you take fills your mouth, nose, and lungs with the toxic mix of oil and industrial chemicals, where you talk with resilient and proud locals and hear their frustration, anger, and concern, where the disturbing and unforgettable scenes of a precious and fragile ecosystem in crisis are just seared into your mind - all of it is just so bad, so repugnant, so wrong in the most profound way.

Two days in the Gulf of Mexico left me enraged - and deeply resolved. Both the widespread damage and the inadequacy of the response effort exceeded my worst fears.

Seeing terns and gulls sitting on the oil-soaked booms that were supposed to be protecting their fragile island marshes - booms that had been blown or washed ashore - may have been the ultimate symbol of the devastation unfolding in the Gulf.

Or maybe it was the lone shrimp trawler, aimlessly circling off the coast, dragging a saturated gauze-like boom behind it, accomplishing nearly nothing.

Or maybe it was the desperation of the fishermen whose livelihoods had been snatched away by BP's recklessness - and yet want nothing more than to see the moratorium on drilling lifted so their economies don't dry up, as well.

I'd spent a full day on the Gulf and we ended up soaked in oily water and seared by the journey into the heart of ecological darkness.

By Tuesday night, I was home. My throat burned and my head was foggy and dizzy as I showed my pictures and my flip-camera video to my wife, Fran, and my 13-year-old daughter, Nicole, on the TV in the family room.

Images of the gooey peanut-butter colored oil and the blackened wetlands flashed by. Pictures of dolphins diving into our oily wake and Brown Pelicans futilely trying to pick oil off their backs popped on the screen. And, out of nowhere, Nicole put on the music from the season finale of Glee.

With all these horrific images on the screen, she had turned on the show's final song of the year, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." The song, a slow, sweet, ukulele and guitar-driven version, couldn't have added a deeper sense of tragic irony.

I choked up. And then that resolve kicked in: I wanted anyone/everyone to see what our addiction to oil had done to the Gulf and to contrast that with the sense of hope and possibility that "Somewhere" exudes.

Long story short, last weekend, Peter Rice, Chairman of Fox Networks Entertainment, gave Environmental Defense Fund the green light to use the song. The pictures you'll see were shot by two incredibly talented EDF staffers, Yuki Kokubo and Patrick Brown - and a few are mine.

The inspiration was Nicole's. This is for her, and for all of our kids - and theirs to come.

David Yarnold is executive director of Environmental Defense Fund.

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"Green It. Mean It." Campaign 2010

As part of Fox Broadcasting Company's annual "Green It. Mean It." campaign, an initiative designed to raise both viewer and employee awareness of environmental concerns, talent from FOX series will appear in network and affiliate on-air promos, as well as online at, to offer viewers "Green Tips" on how to help and get involved with environmental issues. The tips will also be provided to more than 2,000 radio stations for their use during all day parts throughout April.

Participating talent includes cast members from GLEE, HOUSE, BONES, FRINGE, HUMAN TARGET and LIE TO ME; the AMERICAN IDOL judges and finalists; voices from FAMILY GUY and THE CLEVELAND SHOW; among other talent from FOX series. All tips are available on

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Fox Television Stations Earth Week 2010

CHICAGO: The Chicago station is holding a Spring Cleaning Day on Friday, April 23.

NEW YORK: WWOR is covering state-wide Earth Day events and is also running the following features: "What to Do With Your Old Electronics," "Solar Heating: Help the Environment and Save Money," and "Expedition to Antarctica." WNYW will be running the above features as well and will also cover Earth Day festivities from Times Square.

LOS ANGELES: Stations plan to run the following features: 2010 Earth Day Student Poster Contest, Whole Child, Whole Planet Expo 2010, 12th Annual California State Parks Foundation Earth Day Restoration and Cleanup Program, Earth Day South LA, Earth Day 2010 in Whittier, City of Hawthorne Earth Day Festival, Venice Eco Fest 2010, and Earth Day on the Promenade.

MEMPHIS: Fox 13 will be involved as the official TV station of the Down to Earth Festival on April 25. The event will have live music and performances, trail hikes and park tours, and environmental activities for kids.

PHILADELPHIA: WTXF will run FOXe spots highlighting the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

WASHINGTON DC: WTTG will feature a range of stories throughout Earth Month including: the Potomac Watershet Cleanup (April 10), the Anacostia Watershed Cleanup (April 24), Earth Day Cleanup at the National Zoo (April 24), Alexandria Earth Day festivities (April 24), 1 By Youth Revitalization Project (April 24), and Earth Day on the National Mall.

BOSTON: WFXT is partnering with Radio 92.9 for EarthFest. EarthFest is a free outdoor concert that attracts over 100,000 people combining well-known bands and 'green' education. The FOX 25 Weather Team will also be producing a variety of :30 FOXe "Green Tips" and running promotions about EarthFest from Earth Day until the concert.

DETROIT: WJBK is hosting a free paper shredding and recycling event for employees (4/16) and one for the public (4/17). They are hoping to beat last year's Shred-It-Day numbers - 30,000lbs of documents. The station also runs FOXe spots every Monday and Friday year round and this year will feature Earth Day activities. WJBK is also the media sponsor for the annual Green Street Festival which attracts more than 90,000 people annually.

HOUSTON: Stations covered the Earth Day event on April 4 at Discovery Green.

ORLANDO/GAINESVILLE: FOX 35 and My65 is sponsoring the 17th annual Earthday Birthday - an Earth Day concert at Tinker Field attracting 20,000 annually.

DALLAS-FORT WORTH: KDFW and FOX 4 News have re-launched their FOXe campaign with a series of PSAs to remind viewers to help make "Earth Day Every Day."

AUSTIN: KTBC will have special morning show coverage on Earth Day and will run weekly FOXe stories. FOX 7 is supporting Austin's Zero Waste goal by producing a series of "one green steps" to help viewers become more eco-friendly before the city wide Zero Waste event on May 1.

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Sky Italia Selects Special Earth Day 2010 Programming

SKY Italia and Fox Channels Italy will run special programming dedicated to environmental issues, particularly the first run of the documentary "La nostra Terra" on SKY Cinema HD and SKY Cinema 1. The programming will also run on the National Geographic Music Channel. In partnering with the National Geographic Earth Day concert in Rome, SKY TG24 will broadcast live links to the concert which will also be streamed on the Nat Geo Music MySpace page. Wrapping up the SKY TG24 Earth Day coverage will be an interview with Al Gorer by Beppe Severgnini.

In engaging their employees, SKY Italia has proposed a Zero Kilometer Menu in Cagliari, Milan, and Rome cafeterias which includes dishes prepared exclusively with ingredients that are regional or from within 70 km of the offices to reduce pollution caused by transportation.

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Avatar to Partner with Earth Day Network to Plant A Million Trees

Cameron tree planting.jpgAs part of a partnership initiative between Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the Earth Day Network, James Cameron and Siguorney Weaver travelled to Sao Paolo, Brazil, to plant the 1st of one million trees. The project launch coincides with the DVD and Blu-ray launch of "Avatar," which will be released worldwide on Earth Day (April 22). Fox Home Entertainment's partnership with the Earth Day Network, the international non-profit that plans Earth Day activities around the world, was announced in Los Angeles on March 23.

Click here for the full article on Business Wire.

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24 Wins ECOtainment Award

20th Century Fox Television's 24 will be honored at the Going Green Film Festival's ECOtainment Awards on April 4 for the production's sustainability efforts and successes in becoming the first carbon-neutral television network production.

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FOX Atlanta - Home Rain Barrels & Gardens

ATL Ken1 barrel.jpgAmong the many "green" reports that WAGA in Atlanta produced this year, Fox5 Chief Meteorologist Ken Cook showed viewers how to make home rain barrels to help conserve water and Fox5 Meteorologist Joanne Feldman showed how to start home gardens to cut down on grocery costs. ATL Feldman3 garden.jpg

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FOX Detroit - Urban Farming

In 2009, WJBK, Detroit worked with the nonprofit organization Urban Farming to plan an Urban Garden at the station, resulting in food being donated to local food banks. DET urban garden.jpg

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FOX Dallas - Donation of Used Glasses

DAL eye glasses.jpgThrough the Vision Service Plan (VSP), KDFW Fox 4, Dallas is donating eyes glasses to be recycled and distributed to children and adults throughout the world. To date over 40 pairs of glasses have been donated with more coming in every day. Fox 4 has also installed motion sensor lights in common areas through the station that turn on only when someone enters a room.
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FOX Baltimore - Partnership with the National Aquarium

WUTB, Baltimore has forged a partnership with the National Aquarium of Baltimore. A part of the partnership will be a push towards conservation, as the Aquarium is committed to utilizing the knowledge and resources learned throughout daily operations to help better the natural environment.

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FOX Houston - John Dawson Outdoor Series

JD in HOU.jpgThroughout the year, Meteorologist John Dawson, Fox 26, Houston provides outdoor reports focusing on people working to make Houston a better place to live, good outdoor activities and beautiful "green" public parks available for Houston area residents.

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FOX Detroit - Partnering With Local Donation Agencies

WJBK, Detroit consistently receives calls about particular items that people want to donate and don't know where to turn. So the station is partnering with local nonprofit agencies to tell viewers where to go if they have these items - from musical instruments to computers - business suits to medical supplies - furniture to cell phones. WJBK will show people where their donations of goods can do good, for the community and for the environment!

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FOX Tampa - Parking Lot Recycling Bins

WTVT-Tampa now has permanent recycle bins in their west parking lot for discarded electronics equipment, as well as metal items.

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FOX Minneapolis - "Green Collar" Jobs Program

tie shot.jpgMinneapolis station KMSP-FOX9 produces a quarterly half-hour "green collar" jobs community program which takes a look at who are Eco-friendly employers, what kind of jobs are available and what experience is needed. The community show, which airs on both KMSP-Fox9 & WFTC-My29, also features innovative Minnesotans who are making their state a better "green" place to live.

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FOX Minneapolis - Shred Fest

KMSP-FOX9 in Minneapolis is partnering with M & I Bank for "document destruction" events visiting 28 branches March-September. An on site shredding company will be at various branches around the metro area where consumers can bring their papers, credit cards, legal documents, etc. and watch them be shredded. Shredded materials will be recycled. Shred fest Logo161x109.png

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FTS - Re-launched FOXe Campaign

DAL - Carly.jpgThis year Fox Television Stations re-launched its FOXe campaign with a series of PSAs to remind viewers that help make "Earth Day Every Day." The spots were targeted to a younger audience and features a talented teenager named Carly Kaplan, daughter of veteran KDFW photographer Brad Kaplan, who works for FOX 4 News in Dallas-Fort Worth. The Dallas station writes and produces seasonal spots that keep this important message throughout the year. The well-received campaign will mark its first anniversary on--when else?--Earth Day, April 22!

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National Geographic Green Houses

National Geographic Channel has created NG Green Houses - energy-efficient, low waste exhibition homes - in Lisbon, Portugal, and Bogota, Colombia and has invited the public to come and view the homes firsthand. National Geographic has provided school groups and the general public with online games and contests as well do-it-yourself information through their various media platforms. Lisbon's program includes the Green Supervisor, an online tool that teaches families how to correct potentially unsustainable behaviors, and the Bogota home uses a live digital display that shows energy savings compared to common energy use.

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Teen Choice 2009

The 2009 Teen Choice Awards in August was one of the most eco-friendly events in Hollywood. As part of FOX's Green It. Mean It." campaign, the following sustainable measures were taken:

  • Press Tents: Pure Power Distribution powered change by providing Mobile Solar Hybrid Power Systems to power the audio, video and lighting in the press tents and VIP tent.
  • Trees for a Green LA: FOX worked with LA Million Trees to dress the areas around the red carpet.
  • Step & Repeat Solar Installation: PowerFilm, Inc. solar panel rolls were integrated into the step & repeat. For the first time ever, the step & repeat generated power to be used by the on-site press.
  • Red Carpet: The Teen Choice red carpet was made of eco-friendly, synthetic grass, TigerTurf, provided by Cynthia Kiktavi Design and replanted after the event, which will conserve water and require no maintenance or pesticides.
  • Lighting: LED and Kino Flo lighting were used in the press tents to drastically cut down power consumption and heat generated by the lighting fixtures.
  • Teen We build Green Program (TWBGP): In conjunction with the Los angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), 10 students (ages 15-18) created battery packs that were used at Teen Choice 2009. the students are enrolled in the LAUSD iSEE Architecture and Engineering Internship Program, an innovative "green" workforce development program providing college credit and hands-on career experience for high school students interested in being part of the green building industry.
  • School Garden Program: In conjuction with the Los Angeles Unified School District School Garden Program students decorated the press tent area and Grass Carpet with plants and flowers. After the event the plants were planted on LAUSD campuses throughout Los Angeles.
  • Waste Program: All waste from the Gibson Amphitheatre and press tents was sorted for recycling by Crown Disposal.
  • Mass Transit Program: Anyone who took public transportation to the Teen Choice Awards got a gift. Global Inheritance ran this successful encouragement program. Global Inheritance bridges the arts, creative thinking and education to develop interactive programs to inspire activisim.
  • Energy Playground: A cell phone and camera charging station at the Global Inheritance's energy Playground was on-site for use. Attendees and talent become the power source by riding energy generated bikes and seesaws.
  • Trashed: Art of Recycling. Redesigned recyling bins designed by the coolest names in the art world were displayed.
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WFXT Boston Participates in EarthFest

WFXT participated in EarthFest, the largest free radio station concert in Boston that focuses on environmental issues. In partnership, FOX's "Green Tips" aired on Radio 92.9.

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Earth Day On National Geographic

Nation Geographic's Earth Day celebration kicked off March 28th when the network teamed up with the National Geographic Society to participate in Earth Hour. The physical National Geographic campus turned off all lights for Earth Hour and the network supported the event by running public service announcements encouraging consumer participation.

On April 22nd, under the Preserve Our Planet umbrella and in conjunction with a global effort, National Geographic U.S. built a substantial on-air event for Earth Day 2009. The event was anchored by a three-hour programming block featuring:

  • State of the Planet: Earth Report 2009 - From advances in predicting earthquakes and typhoons, to amazing infrared imagery of volcanoes, to cracking the code of the physical world, and the discovery of 125,000 majestic lowland gorillas, this was a year to remember. The Earth is teaching us . . . warning us . . . promising us . . . spurring us towards ingenious inventions of a smarter future. These scientific breakthroughs formed the core of this year's Earth Report.
  • Earth: The Biography: Rare Planet - The story of how our planet may be much more special than we ever imagined, and how we are beginning to affect the very systems that make it so unique.
  • Garbage Moguls - A one hour documentary special that follows eco-capitalist and CEO Tom Szaky, along with his twenty-something staff at TerraCycle, as they attempt to develop products made from garbage and turn the world's trash into cash or go brok trying.


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WJBK Detroit's Earth Day Activities 2009

WJBK Detroit recently partnered with the Better Business Bureau sponsoring an Earth Day free paper shredding effort. Fox 2 News also collaborated with Wayne State University on Earth Day, with elements in all newscasts, including volunteer opportunities, recyling tips, tree planting, online tools and more. They also invited the Urban Farming organization for a second year of partnership (UF grows food for free conumption on vacant properties).

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American Idol Donates Solar Panels to LA School

Solar Electricity a Big Hit on "American Idol"

From the red carpet to school, FOX, BEF and E-Village Solar use star power to educate students about renewable energy

Solar giveaway promo Anoop and Lil.JPG
Los Angeles, Calif. -- April 21, 2009 -- Star power of a different sort will be celebrated on Friday, April 24 at 9:15 a.m. as "American Idol" and Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) unveil a new 1.36-kilowatt solar-electric system at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Los Angeles.

FOX and "American Idol" partnered with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), E-Village Solar and Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) to green last season's "American Idol" finale, placing a solar-electric system on the red carpet and now bringing the power of the sun to Camino Nuevo.

With the system installation, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy joins BEF's national Solar 4R Schools program, which teaches students and communities nationwide about renewable energy.

BEF donated solar panels and data monitoring for the 1.36-kilowatt solar-electric system as well as educational classroom materials. E-Village Solar donated the inverter and installation. The system, located on the roof of the high school building, will be used to teach students about photovoltaic technology, and will further the school's mission of educating students in a college preparatory program to be literate, critical thinkers and independent problem-solvers who are agents of social justice with sensitivity toward the world around them.

"This opportunity will help our school and community take an active role in working towards a brighter future," said Philip Lance, co-founder of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. "Students will learn the importance of being energy efficient and environmentally aware, and of investing in renewable sources."

See full press release here.

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Fox Entertainment Group Earth Day Programs 2009

In conjunction with Earth Day 2009 and the 'Green It. Mean It.' campaign, Fox Entertainment hosted several audience and employee engagement events and programs. These included:

  • Talent Guest-Bloggers on the Global Energy Initiative website. Talent included Kelli Williams (Lie to Me), Erica Ash (MADtv), Mary Murphy (So You Think You Can Dance) and Kathy Najimy (King of the Hill). Guest-Bloggers tried to encourage both employees and the public to pay more attention to climate change and the environment.
  • Participation in Earth Hour: Earth Hour is a global initiative in which millions of people around the world cast a vote in favor of action on climate change by turning off their lights for one hour on March 28, 2009, at 8:30pm local time. By voting with light switches, Earth Hour participants sent a powerful, visual message to their leaders demanding immediate action on climate change. In a video shown at the Earth Hour opening ceremony in LA, several shows were shown going 'lights out' - including American Idol, Bones, SPEED TV, Family Guy, and the sets of Good Day LA, FOX 11 News, and FOX Sports West.
  • FOX All Access Goes Green: The weekend prior to Earth Day, FOX All Access went green by having celebrities talk about what everyone could do to make a difference in the environment. Some of the music followed this them by being the "unplugged," acoustic versions.
  • Programming Tie-Ins: Throughout Earth Month, FOX and Twentieth Century Fox TV and Fox TV Studios programming followed climate, energy, and environmental themes.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cross-Platform Campaign Features "Green Tips"
Courtesy of FOX Talent and Much More

To raise awareness for Earth Day, Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) has launched "Green It. Mean It.," a comprehensive on- and off-air initiative that kicked off Sunday and will culminate on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22. The annual cross-platform campaign features special on-air graphic elements and promos; primetime programming tie-ins; an online initiative on; as well as the donation of a solar electric system to a Los Angeles-area school. Designed to raise both viewer and employee awareness of environmental issues, "Green It. Mean It." complements FOX's ongoing efforts to reduce the network's impact on the world's climate and become carbon neutral by 2010.

Highlights of the campaign include:

Special "Green It. Mean It" graphic elements will be used for the duration of the Earth Day campaign across network divisions, and will be featured in on-air promotions and on

As part of the eco-initiative, actors from FOX series will offer "Green Tips" in promos that will air on the network and its affiliated stations, as well as appear on The tips will also be provided to more than 2000 radio stations for their use during all day parts. The promos, featuring talent from 24, AMERICAN IDOL, BONES, FAMILY GUY, FRINGE, GLEE, LIE TO ME and SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, among other FOX series, will offer tips on greening practices and information on environmental issues. Examples include:

  • "Insulating your home's attic, pipes, ductwork, and floors can save 25 percent on your energy bill. Ask a professional to help make your home more energy efficient."

  • "Creating a greener planet will require us to change the goods we use and the ways we live and work. Making this transition will require the skills of contractors, electricians, engineers and entrepreneurs. Search the internet for job sites that post opportunities in this growing global business."

  • "A cleaner planet needs the brightest of minds. Put your gifts to use by encouraging legislators, utility companies, employers and manufacturers to support green initiatives. Doing so will help curb pollution, create new jobs and change our future."

FOX series HOUSE, THE SIMPSONS and PRISON BREAK will feature special themes inspired by Earth Day. will host a dedicated microsite ( featuring the "Green Tips" from FOX talent, a "Green Tip" of the Day, as well as information and links to eco-friendly resources. Tips and information will also be distributed daily via Twitter, MySpace and other social networking and new media sites.

FOX has partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), E-Village Solar and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) to donate a solar-electric system similar to the one used to power the red carpet at the 2008 AMERICAN IDOL finale to Camino Nuevo Charter Academy. The 1.36-kilowatt solar-electric system, which will be unveiled on Friday, April 17, is being installed on the roof of the school to teach students about photovoltaic technology. Students will be able to monitor the system's power output and compare it to nearly 100 other systems in BEF's Solar 4R Schools program nationwide. The donation also includes classroom activities such as solar cars, solar ovens and wind turbine kits.

In a special Earth Day themed mailing, FOX will send a dozen vegetable seed packets to radio personalities in the Top 25 markets. The vegetable seed packets will accompany the network's monthly mailer honoring THE SIMPSONS "Best. 20 Years. Ever." campaign.

FOX All Access radio show, syndicated to more than 120 radio stations across the country, will host Earth Day-themed radio shows on Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19.

To raise further awareness and engage employees, FOX will host an Earth Day Fair Friday, April 17 on the FOX lot for employees and guests. During the fair, employees can interact with a variety of vendors that provide environmentally friendly products and services. On Earth Day, and in partnership with The Surfrider Foundation, FOX talent and employees can volunteer to participate in a beach clean-up in Santa Monica, CA.

Contact: Jennifer Sprague

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Nat Geo Earth Day Concert

A free and Zero Impact concert will be held in Rome on Earth Day, hosted by Nat Geo Music Channel (a Fox International Channel), to be streamed LIVE around the world. Watch the concert live on Earth Day April 22 at 8pm Italy time at The concert stars Ben Harper and Relentless7, and guests Subsonica, Nneka, Bibi Tanga, and the event will be hosted by Giorgia Surina (actress and TV/radio host), with international talent like Sol Guy (Explorer in residence from the National Geographic Society).

(Update - 120,000 fans showed up for the concert!)

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24 Carbon Neutral featured in Christian Science Monitor

"24" and its achievement as the first-ever carbon neutral TV production was featured in a story in Christian Science Monitor.

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STAR Supports Earth Hour

STAR SUPPORTS EARTH HOUR - As part of its Start Now initiative, STAR supported WWF's climate change campaign, Earth Hour, which took place in over 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries on March 28, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm. In Hong Kong and mainland China, all non-essential lights in the office were switched off for one hour at 8:30pm on the day.

STAR donated a total of 591 minutes of airtime across its network to run Earth Hour's PSAs. Played out on 11 of STAR's channels, the PSAs potentially reached more than 143 million households in India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia among others. And a crawler was also played throughout the day to remind viewers to turn their lights off.

In addition to its network of channels, STAR promoted the campaign internally via email announcements, posters, as well as web banners and PSAs on the Intranet. Staff members were encouraged to sign up for the event and take part at home, spreading the word to their family and friends. Email tags were also added to all outgoing emails to spread the message to business partners.

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My Name Is Earl S4 Accomplishments

My Name Is Earl, produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television, just wrapped for Season 4 and have made some impressive accomplishments this season:
  • B20 is being used for all diesel powered trucks and generators.
  • 100% Green Power purchased from LA DWP to offset all power used on stage and throughout the offices.
  • All house lights around the offices and stages have been replaced with more efficient fixtures and ballasts, which we estimate will reduce our usage by over 40% and save us approximately $15K per year.
  • The Production has reduced the amount of water bottles used on set by over 50% due to the purchasing of personal water canteens for the crew.
  • Last season, they included the topic of climate change into several episodes and look to do more this season.
  • "Robbed A Stoner Blind" Ep. 310 ("Randy In Charge") has multiple climate issues included.
  • Hybrid 5-Ton is being used to transport props and set dressing.
  • When it was discovered that their waste management company could not provide the service, a recycling program (paper, plastic, glass) was implemented by the crew.
  • Reusable bags are used shopping for groceries at the market.
  • "MY NAME IS EARL" was recently honored at the 2008 EMA awards with a Green Seal, which seeks to recognize those productions that choose to embody and promote sustainable ideas.
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FOX News' Shepard Smith Promotes GEI Website On-Air

In January, FOX News' Shepard Smith promoted the Global Energy Initiative website on-air during the FOX Report.

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Earth Day 2008 Concert in Rome

public.JPGOn Earth Day 2008, Rome became the worldwide capital of music for the environment. Nat Geo Music, the musical channel of National Geographic (406 of SKY), celebrated Earth Day by organizing NAT GEO MUSIC LIVE: MUSIC FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Some of the most creative artists of the Italian and international scene performed live music for the Roman public, including Cesaria Evora, Vinicio Capossela, Sud Sound System, Saba and Nidi D'Arac. The goal was not only to entertain, but also to educate the audience about environmental issues and actions they could take to care for the planet.

The concert was opened by an emerging star of the Italian musical panorama, Saba, who mixed pop and R&B with sounds of Africa and Somalia in particular. Then the Sud Sound System performed their particular mix of local music and Jamaican rhythms. We remained in Salento with the performance of the Nidi d'Arac and their blend of folk music of Southern Italy in with a modern spin. Their performance was supported by the Tamburellisti of San Rocco. Then came a musical legend, Cesaria Evora. The singer of Cabo Verde proved her class and elegance, which has given her the reputation as the Queen of "morna" (the style that fuses African percussion with Portuguese fado and Brazilian music). The concert closed with another great Italian artist: Vinicio Capossela.

The concert was aired on LifeGate Radio and was streamed on With Impact Zero® of LifeGate, all the CO2 emissions caused by the concert were offset through the creation of new forests in Costa Rica. The total carbon produced during the event was equal to 30,500 kilograms, and was offset by 19,700 square meters of new forests ( The Earth Day Concert was made possible by the sponsorship of and the collaboration with the Comune di Roma, Regione Lazio and Sviluppo Lazio. LifeGate Radio was the media partner.VINICIO2.JPG

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Environmental Media Awards 08 winners

At the Environmental Media Awards on November 13, Twentieth Century Fox Television's "Boston Legal" won the Episodic Drama category for its episode "Green Christmas"! "Bones" (produced by TCFTV and airing on FOX) was also nominated in this category. Our businesses were also honored with five Green Seal Awards recognizing productions that embody and promote sustainable ideals. These awards went to TCFTV's "24," "My Name is Earl," and "Bones," and FOX Broadcasting Company's "Teen Choice Awards" and "Super Bowl."

Audience engagement, National Geographic Channel, US

Wild Spaces and The Everglades - NatGeoChannel

The National Geographic Channel continues its environmentally progressive programming this Thanksgiving as we showcase a marathon of Wild Spaces, all leading up to the premiere of The Everglades. Explore this controversial and threatened habitat that is home to thousands of animal species, many of which can not be found anywhere else on Earth. At 1.5 million acres the Everglades are already only a third of its original size, and the quality and quantity of water we allow to flow through what remains will determine if this wilderness and those extraordinary creatures will survive. To understand this remarkable ecosystem, we'll journey by foot, airboat, helicopter, and kayak to explore its secrets.

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Futurama: Bender's Game -- A Carbon Neutral DVD

Futurama, Twentieth Century Fox Television (TCFTV) and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (TCFHE) are committed to reducing our impact on climate change. Bender's Game is the company's third carbon-neutral DVD release. (Futurama: Bender's Big Score was the company's first-ever carbon neutral DVD and was awarded most environmentally friendly DVD of the year by The Digital Entertainment Group at the inaugural Green Media Summit in Los Angeles.)

Our strategy to reach net zero emissions for the DVD was three-fold:

  • To measure our carbon impact
  • To reduce our energy use and switch to renewable sources of power wherever possible and to encourage suppliers to reduce their climate impact
  • To offset our unavoidable emissions

Measuring our carbon impact:
To conduct this analysis, we worked with Clear Carbon Consulting and used the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, to instruct our measurement methodology.


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Arts and Scraps

The FOXe team in Detroit has teamed up with Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for scrappacks 018 (2).JPGArts and Scraps to turn old tape boxes and tapes into craft projects for kids. Arts and Scraps is a nonprofit organization that provides creative learning experiences using recycled materials. In 2007, they recycled 28 tons of industrial scraps and served more than 270,000 children.

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Educate the Community

In an effort to educate the community on the importance of recylcing, the FOXe energy team in Austin produced PSAs for the City of Austin's new single stream recycling program. Separate spots were created to speak directly to kids.

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FTVStudios Carbon Reduction Efforts

Fox Television Studios has taken many steps to reduce its carbon emissions. These are some of the efforts:

  • We have moved all personnel into a smaller and more efficient working space. All of the office lights are energy-efficient and are on sensors that turn them off automatically. The office suite is surrounded by windows, so natural light fills almost all of the working space.

  • We have recycling bins throughout the space for all types of recyclable material. All employees are encouraged to turn off all of their equipment when possible. We do not use individual bottles of water - we use recyclable cups or our own permanent drinking cups.

  • Our post department uses the internet to view dailies. No more rushes tape or DVDs across town or by FedEx.cWe PDF our documents and send them via e-mail, only to be printed if absolutely necessary. We have a video conference room to keep domestic and international travel to a minimum.

  • We will produce web PSAs with the cast and stars of our shows when they come back into production.

  • We are tracking fuel usage for all phases of production. We are exploring ways to cut the usage as much as possible.

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FOX's 4th annual Eco-Casino party

For FOX's 4th annual Eco-Casino party, the event production staff made certain that the event was as green as possible. In addition to behind-the-scenes initiatives such as sourcing reusable plates and mugs and minimizing the need for printed materials, the Eco-Casino distributed eco-friendly prizes to all guests and, at the end of the night, gave away $75,000 to charities including the Nature Conservancy and Earth Share.

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2008 Teen Choice Awards

For the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, Fox Creative Services built on its reputation for putting on some of the "greenest" large events on television. Among the initiatives undertaken by the network were: implementing a zero-waste program on the grounds of the production, installing solar panels alongside the blue (recycled) carpet, and using clean-burning biodiesel to power all of the FOX generators.

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Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs

Futurama, Twentieth Century Fox Television (TCFTV) and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (TCFHE) are committed to reducing our impact on climate change. The Beast with a Billion Backs is the company's second carbon-neutral DVD release. (Futurama: Bender's Big Score was the company's first-ever carbon neutral DVD and was awarded most environmentally friendly DVD of the year by The Digital Entertainment Group at the inaugural Green Media Summit in Los Angeles.)

Our strategy to reach net zero emissions for the DVD was three-fold:

  • To measure our carbon impact
  • To reduce our energy use and switch to renewable sources of power wherever possible and to encourage suppliers to reduce their climate impact
  • To offset our unavoidable emissions

Measuring our carbon impact:
To conduct this analysis, we worked with Clear Carbon Consulting and used the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, developed by the World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, to instruct our measurement methodology.


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Sky Italia hosted former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in Rome

Sky Italia hosted former U.S. Vice President Al Gore in Rome to launch the Italian outpost of Current TV and to raise awareness of global environmental issues with the Italian public and media.

Audience engagement, National Geographic Channel, US

The National Geographic Channel launched "Preserve Our Planet," an on-air and consumer marketing initiative that includes upcoming programming (Six Degrees that Will Change the World, The human Footprint and Impossible: Planet Earth), a robust Web site and PSAs dedicated to empowering viewers and communities by informing them how their choices and activities can make a positive difference in the effort to protect the environment.

Audience engagement, FOX News Channel / FOX Business Network, US

"Go Green" magazine

FNC regularly produces on-air segments on a number of its shows tackling the importance of energy conservation. The network aggregates this content in an online magazine called "Go Green."

Audience engagement, Employee engagement, Fox Television Stations, US

Fox Television Stations launched FOXe, a programming campaign that cut across all of its local news stations, to coordinate the efforts of the network in generating programming related to climate change and energy savings. Through an ongoing series of news pieces and in-depth specials, news stations across the country have kept their audiences informed about what they can do to conserve energy and help save the environment.

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FOX Secures Renewable Energy for 2008 Finale

FOX Secures Renewable Energy for "American Idol" Season Finale Tuesday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 21 (2008) on FOX

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Green It. Mean IT. 2008

To celebrate Earth Day 2008, FOX Broadcasting Company will be airing a series of public service announcements on the network. The campaign - "Green It. Mean It." - offers FOX audiences a series of daily "green" tips, many of which are narrated by the network's talent. For more information and to view some of the PSA's, please visit

Audience engagement, National Geographic Channel, Worldwide

Nat Geo Channel's Human Footprint

National Geographic Channel to Leave Human Footprint: Special to Examine One Person's Impact on the Environment Based on Their Consumption. NatGeo040808.pdf

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Futurama: Bender's Big Score - most enviro friendly DVD of the year

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment took home the Green Entertainment Award for the most environmentally friendly DVD of the year -- Futurama: Bender's Big Score. The award was given by The Digital Entertainment Group at the inaugural Green Media Summit in Los Angeles.

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National Geographic Channel is teaming up with the World Wildlife Federation to support Earth Hour 2008 in the United States

National Geographic Channel is teaming up with the World Wildlife Federation to support Earth Hour 2008 in the United States. On Saturday, March 29th, four American Cities--Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Atlanta--will go dark in this dramatic call for action on climate change. Nat Geo Channel is the official Earth Hour 2008 channel. NatGeo030608.pdf

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Idol and Ford Hybrid

In its seventh season as a sponsor of "American Idol," Ford will promote their Escape Hybrid this year by giving one away to each of the show's two finalists.

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Vancouver Film Studios carbon neutral

Vancouver Film Studios, a partner of Fox Filmed Entertainment, has announced that they will work in 2008 to become Canada's first carbon neutral film and television studio.

Audience engagement, Fox Home Entertainment, Other, Supply chain, US, Worldwide

Bender's Big Score -- Fox Home Entertaiment's 1st Carbon Neutral DVD

THE FEATURE-LENGTH ACTION EPIC 1000 YEARS IN THE MAKING ARRIVES . . . FUTURAMA IS BACK, BABY! In Fox Home Entertainment's first Carbon-Neutral release, Bender's Big Score, triumphantly returns on DVD November 27. Futurama112707.pdf
Futurama, Twentieth Century Fox Television (TCFTV) and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment (TCFHE) are committed to reducing our impact on climate change. Bender's Big Score is the company's first carbon-neutral DVD release.

Our strategy to reach net zero emissions for the DVD was three-fold:

  • To measure our carbon impact
  • To reduce our energy use and switch to renewable sources of power wherever possible and to encourage suppliers to reduce their climate impact
  • To offset our unavoidable emissions

For manufacturing and distribution, we applied the findings of the Wal-Mart/Fox Home Entertainment case study that was published by the Carbon Disclosure Project in September 2007. That study measured the supply-chain impacts of a DVD defined as a single disc, packaged in a hard case that includes a lithograph sleeve, with one printed promotional leaflet inside the DVD case. In addition, we collected data on the Futurama production offices (both internal and outsourced) as well as the business air travel association with the DVD.

Here are the combined findings:

Supply Chain Element TOTAL EMISSIONS (Tons CO2eq)

Production 229.9
Outsourced production 4.6
Business air travel 8.8
Manufacture of Supplied Goods 89.8
Transportation of Supplied Goods 4.80
Manufacture of Finished Goods -
Outsourced Manufacture of Finished Goods 80.2
Transportation to Market 28.1

TOTAL 447.5


Audience engagement, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), Other, Twentieth Century Fox Television, US

24 featured in Newsweek

FOX's 24 and its executive producer Howard Gordon are featured in a recent issue of Newsweek for their commitments to address climate change on-air and behind-the-scenes.

Audience engagement, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), US

Two FOX shows were honored at the 17th Annual Environmental Media Awards. American Misfits (FNG), the skater comedy series from FUEL TV, received an EMA Green Seal for Productions, while the My Name is Earl (TCFHE) episode entitled "Rob a Stoner Blind" took home the award for Best Television Episodic Comedy.

Audience engagement, National Geographic Channel, US

National Geographic Channel announces "Preserve Our Planet" college film and PSA contest

National Geographic Channel announces "Preserve Our Planet" college film and PSA contest--the contest kicks off a National Geographic conservation initiative with the theme, "What You Do Counts". Preserve Our Planet Film and PSA Contest.pdf

Audience engagement, Employee engagement, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), US

FSN South & SportSouth (Fox Networks Group) invited employees in the office building as well as the community members to "Cool Change Day." For the event, FSN South partnered with Curry Honda & Ed Voyles Honda to display Hybrid vehicles as well as brought in respresentatives from Trees Atlanta, The Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Thrashers, Marta, Flexcar and RBRC on hand to help educate people on Cool Change and Environmental Awareness. Giveaways included gift cards, memberships and free Hawks and Thrashers tickets.

Audience engagement, Fox Television Stations, US

FTS Dallas teamed up with the Environmental Protection Agency to hold the "Fox 4 Treasure Hunt"--an event at the Texas State Fair in Dallas that was designed to introduce school children to easy-to-adopt ways to protect the environment. Fox also helped promote the treasure hunt through a combination of on-air promo spots, newscasts, and web material publicizing the event.

Audience engagement, Energy usage, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), Renewable energy, US

Green with Emmys

"Green with Emmy" Campaign Brings Renewable Energy to the 59th PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS.


Audience engagement, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), US

The theme of the 2007 Teen Chioce Awards was "Teens Go Green" to help promote environmental responsibility in a younger generation. Among the energy saving measures at the awards show--which were produced by The Fox Netwoks Group--was the "green carpet" which was made entirely from recycled materials.

Audience engagement, Business, Worldwide

Fox Mobile Produces and Offers "Green Collection."

DU_earth_girl.gifFox Mobile produces a "Green Collection" - special Fox Mobile content dealing with the topics of "environment" and "climate change". These products, which include wallpaper, fun sounds, screensaver, and MMS greeting cards, have been offered on Fox Mobile portals to raise awareness amongst customers worldwide.

Audience engagement, Twentieth Century Fox Television, US

24 Hours to Save the Planet

24 Hours to Save the Planet -- Can Jack Bauer save the world? News that television's secret agent is to take the war against global warming into millions of homes has been welcomed by environmental campaigners as a seminal moment in the greening of Hollywood, reports the Guardian.

Audience engagement, Twentieth Century Fox Television, US

24 Makes Landmark Commitment to Fighting Climate Change

Emmy-Winning Drama 24 Makes Landmark Commitment to Fighting Climate Change. 24 - 07_22_07.pdf

Audience engagement, Energy usage, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), Lighting, Recycling / waste, Renewable energy, Supply chain, Transportation, US, Water

FOX and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences go Green with Emmy

FOX and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences go Green with Emmy. EmmysGoGreen.pdf

Audience engagement, Twentieth Century Fox Television, US

Twentieth Century Fox Television's Emmy-award winning drama, "24," made a landmark commitment to fighting climate change. Executive producer Howard Gordon announced that the over the course of the season, the show would make enough changes to its own productions practices so that the series finale can be "carbon neutral." The production staff of the show has switched to biodiesel fuels to power their generators and production vehicles, started running all on-stage production activities on renewable sources of power, and integrated hybrid vehicles into the production fleet. To communicate this message to their audiences, the show is developing a series of PSA's on about the issue starring Kiefer Sutherland and key cast members.

Audience engagement, Energy usage, Fox Networks Group (incl. FOX, Cable, Sports, etc.), Renewable energy, US

FOX Fall Programming Presentation Goes Carbon Neutral

FOX Fall Programming Presentation Goes Carbon Neutral. CoolChangeUpfront.pdf