News Corporation is committed to minimizing its environmental impact, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action.

Our long term vision is to:

  • Grow our business without growing our carbon footprint
  • Power our operations with clean electricity
  • Minimize solid waste to landfill from our production operations
  • Engage our readers, viewers, and customers on sustainability issues through partnerships and content of the highest caliber

What are We Doing?

December 2008

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Start Now Video Contest Winner Creates An e(co)-Card

One of the winners of Start Now's video contest has created an e-card with an eco-twist. It has a great message: "Season's Greetings! Just one less light can make our celebration shine brighter." View it and send to friends here.

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Chicago's Transit Benefit Fare Program

The FOXe Team in Chicago recently announced a transit benefit fare program, encouraging staff to take the bus or train to work and to help support clean air and to reducechicago blu pict 1208.jpg traffic congestion. The program takes advantage of tax law changes that reduce commuting costs - allowing staff members to purchase a CTA Transit card or RTA Farecheck tax free up to $1,380 a year.

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Earth Day 2008 Concert in Rome

public.JPGOn Earth Day 2008, Rome became the worldwide capital of music for the environment. Nat Geo Music, the musical channel of National Geographic (406 of SKY), celebrated Earth Day by organizing NAT GEO MUSIC LIVE: MUSIC FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Some of the most creative artists of the Italian and international scene performed live music for the Roman public, including Cesaria Evora, Vinicio Capossela, Sud Sound System, Saba and Nidi D'Arac. The goal was not only to entertain, but also to educate the audience about environmental issues and actions they could take to care for the planet.

The concert was opened by an emerging star of the Italian musical panorama, Saba, who mixed pop and R&B with sounds of Africa and Somalia in particular. Then the Sud Sound System performed their particular mix of local music and Jamaican rhythms. We remained in Salento with the performance of the Nidi d'Arac and their blend of folk music of Southern Italy in with a modern spin. Their performance was supported by the Tamburellisti of San Rocco. Then came a musical legend, Cesaria Evora. The singer of Cabo Verde proved her class and elegance, which has given her the reputation as the Queen of "morna" (the style that fuses African percussion with Portuguese fado and Brazilian music). The concert closed with another great Italian artist: Vinicio Capossela.

The concert was aired on LifeGate Radio and was streamed on With Impact Zero® of LifeGate, all the CO2 emissions caused by the concert were offset through the creation of new forests in Costa Rica. The total carbon produced during the event was equal to 30,500 kilograms, and was offset by 19,700 square meters of new forests ( The Earth Day Concert was made possible by the sponsorship of and the collaboration with the Comune di Roma, Regione Lazio and Sviluppo Lazio. LifeGate Radio was the media partner.VINICIO2.JPG

Fox International Channels, Other, Worldwide

FIC Sustainablity Plan

Fox International Channels has developed a comprehensive sustainability plan. You can view it here:

FIC Sustainability Plan.ppt

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FIC Installs Nightly Auto Power Down of Non-Critical Lights

Fox International Channels has installed nightly automatic power-down of non-critical lights in many offices.

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FIC Italy Installs Water Purification System

Fox International Channels Italy has installed a water purification system and has given all employees personal, reusable thermos bottles. This way, no bottled water needs to be trucked around the country, which results in a significant cut in related transport CO2 emissions.

Fox International Channels, Lighting, Worldwide

FIC Uses High Efficiency Lightbulbs

Fox International Channels exchanged almost all its incandescent light globes for high efficiency bulbs.

Fox International Channels, Other, Recycling / waste, Worldwide

FIC Launched Tapeless Platform for Content Distribution

In September 2008, Fox International Channels launched its tapeless platform for content distribution in continental Europe, which will help FIC avoid the use of more than 40,000 beta tapes per year.

Fox International Channels, Paper, Recycling / waste, Worldwide

FIC Replces Virgin Copy Paper with Recycled

Fox International Channels has replaced almost all of its virgin copy paper with recycled-content paper.

Fox International Channels, Italy, Lighting, Worldwide

FIC Instals Motion Sensors

Fox International Channels has installed motion sensors in less frequented areas to activate lighting.

Employee engagement, Fox International Channels, Worldwide

FIC Learning Session on Climate Change

In June 2008, Fox International Channels held a learning session for all employees on climate change and its major economic and social consequences.

Employee engagement, Fox International Channels, Italy, Recycling / waste

FIC Ups Its Recycling

Fox International Channels increased paper and waste recycling. Recycling is now around eighty 50L bins of paper and cardboard each week.

Employee engagement, Fox International Channels, Italy, Recycling / waste

FIC Family Day

Fox International Channels Italy has organized a family day in the office with eco-gifts for children and an organic meal made from local ingredients, served on recycled dishes.

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FIC Installs Videoconferencing

Hi-definition Polycom videoconferencing units were installed at Fox International Channels offices. These will significantly reduce the need for business air travel. Additional Polycom technology will be installed in the coming months.

Employee engagement, Fox International Channels, Italy, Recycling / waste

FIC Italy Disposes Old Batteries for Employees

As an initiative started by its employees in May 2007, Fox International Channels Italy puts up containers for old batteries throughout the office. Employees can now dispose their special refuse batteries for free in the office.

Employee engagement, Energy usage, Fox International Channels, Worldwide

FIC Employees Encouraged to disconnect electrical items

Fox International Channels employees are encouraged to disconnect electrical items such as radios, microwaves, TVs, copy machines, fax machines, etc., when not in use.

Employee engagement, Energy usage, Fox International Channels, Lighting, Worldwide

FIC Launches "Switch It Off" Initiative

In March 2007, Fox International Channels launched a company-wide "Switch it off" initiative to cut down on energy use during non-business hours.

Employee engagement, Fox International Channels, Italy, Other

FIC creates tree-plant area in park

In February 2007, Fox International Channels Italy created a new tree-plant area in a park near the office to help offset its carbon emissions. Employees were involved in planting the trees.

Fox International Channels, Other, Worldwide

FIC Launches Fox4Dev

In January 2007, Fox International Channels Italy launched Fox4Dev (Fox for Development), its operational area dedicated to designing and implementing communication campaigns with charities to raise awareness and involve stakeholders in achieving the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

National Geographic Channel, US, Water

National Geographic Explorer Gives Back

Backed by our explorers and filmmakers, National Geographic Channel's Preserve Our Planet continues to inspire audiences. This year's theme, Together, We Can Make a Difference brings together a variety of environmental experts and showcases their personal conservation efforts.

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Fox Entertainment Group Launches FOX Green Guide

As part of the company's ongoing commitment to reducing its impact on climate change and the environment, Fox Entertainment Group has launched the FOX Green Guide (, a web-based tool designed to enable television, film, sports, news and event producers and crew members to efficiently find climate- and environment-conscious guidance, as well as information on vendors who provide low-carbon and eco-friendly products and services.

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Responsible Air Travel

By encouraging staff to make use of digital meeting resources such as video conference and Office Communications Server, STAR has cut its travel by 12%, resulting in an annual savings of 350 tonnes of CO2.

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Responsible Paper Procurement

All of the paper STAR procures for use in its Hong Kong HQ comes from managed farmed trees. This means there is neither any land clearing nor deforestation taking place in the production process. Furthermore, the paper is produced through a green process which only consumes 6-7m3 of water per ton during the bleaching process; typical paper consumes up to 80m3!

Employee engagement, Hong Kong, STAR

Start Now Green Library

In an effort to provide a resource centre for staff who are interested in knowing more about climate change and related issues, STAR launched a Start Now Green Library in its Hong Kong headquarters.

A small book collection was gathered from sister companies HarperCollins Publishers, BSkyB and MySpace (Fox Interactive Media), as well as NGOs such as the Civic Exchange and the Earth Love Movement Foundation. Several NGC documentary DVDs are also available.

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The Studio Store

The Studio Store on the FOX lot in LA now has lots of earth-conscious products featuring the 20th Century Fox logo: Planet Tees, made in the USA of 50% recycled plastic bottles and 50% organic cotton; soy jersey knit oxfords; recycled poly golf polos, made of 50% post-consumer products; bamboo robes composed of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton; and 100% recyclable Ecousable water bottles.

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Car Pools in India

In November, STAR India launched a car pool initiative across the Masterpiece and Star House offices. Employees can register all of their information on the intranet, and from there, will be able to arrange rides and car pool schedules.image003.gif